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In the future when someone searches your name, what do you hope they’ll find? What are those messages you want to leave the world? Gather them here at BeRemembered.

Gradually collect, organize and archive your finest memories and thoughts. Also reflect on, and plan, your end-of-life celebration. Membership is free.

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Guardians are trusted friends or responsible loved ones. They co-manage your account and the accounts of others you select to share all this with. We encourage you to recruit a trusted friend or responsible loved one.

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What makes your heart race? Those audacious dreams! Set your life’s greatest goals here. Then share them. They’ll become reality sooner.

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Capture your life’s events on your Timeline, where you can upload the stories, images and video that define the way you’ve lived your life.

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If you can imagine it, you can do it — and retain control. Plan here, now, for what comes after your life ends.

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