My Last Goodbye

My Last Goodbye

If You Can Picture It. You Can Do It and Retain Control. Plan Here For What Comes After Your Life Ends.

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Let’s Get Started.

When your life is over how do you want to Be Remembered? Think big. Think specifics. Something traditional or ‘out of the box’? Maybe a bit of both ...

Make your lists and decisions here. From the most audacious requests to the smallest details, your Last Goodbye is where to plan, then find and coordinate resources.

Big Decisions: How
You’ll Be Remembered.

Post-life commemorations have evolved. Rules are changing fast. Traditional? Religious? A huge party? Answer these thought-provoking questions to provide the details of your celebration.
Last Goodbye’s Preferences

Use Elements
From Your Story.

Your Bucket List achievements, Timeline, Bio and pictures provide ideas for your Big Decisions. But should any also be in your Last Goodbye plans or celebrations?

Include Your
Personal Details.

Here, list the minutiae that are important, if predictable. Doing that now spares shocked loved ones the task later - and helps Guardians oversee your Last Goodbye.

Have You Designated
Any Guardians Yet?

When your life ends, a Guardian alerts Be Remembered, then shares your Story and Last Goodbye with those you’ve chosen.