Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘BeRemembered’?

Be Remembered is an online social network where you can record how you want to be remembered by family and friends – even after you leave this life. Information that you add to the site is entrusted to a Guardian to unlock and distribute after you die, so that your loved ones and future generations can learn more about you. Membership is free. Sign up today.

What is a ‘Member’?

Members at Be Remembered are the people who have joined this network. They have provided a username and password and are welcome to enjoy all of the services on the site. Membership is free. All you need is an email address – or you can create a membership using Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

What is ‘My Story’?

My Story is the section of the site where members can capture and save any pictures, thoughts, messages and stories they wish to share. Using functions called ‘My Life in Pictures’, ‘My Biography’, ‘Private Messages’ and ‘My Bucket List’, BeRemembered makes it easy for you to organize and complete a remembrance of your life.

What is ‘My Last Goodbye’?

This is where Members can plan and find inspiration for their end-of-life memorial celebration. Describe the funeral or memorial event the way you want it – what do you want guests to see, hear, or even taste at your funeral? Once you’ve notes some preferences, you can find a local Funeral Service provider to share your plan and complete the arrangements.

What is a Guardian?

Members designate a Guardian to oversee their Membership after their life is over. Usually it’s a longtime friend or loved one. Members can also give Guardians access to any content they create at Be Remembered. It’s recommended to nominate more than one Guardian so that you can help ensure that your stories, preferences, and messages live on after your passing.

What are a Guardian’s duties?

When a Member’s life ends, their Guardian changes that Member’s status appropriately. Then, the Guardian shares any content that the member had created to their chosen friends and family.

How many Guardians should you designate?

You can have as many Guardians as you wish. However, only one Guardian will oversee the forwarding of your Story links and closing of your Membership. By default, that becomes whichever Guardian first alerts BeRemembered that your life has ended. From then on, BeRemembered will communicate primarily with that Guardian.

What is a Dependent?

Dependent is the term we use to describe the Member who appointed you as their Guardian. For example, if your cousin has accepted the invitation to become your Guardian, then you will be listed as her Dependent. A Guardian can have more than one Dependent, just like a Member can have more than one Guardian.

Can Guardians also become Members?

Yes. We encourage everyone to become a Member. Use the free services here and plan their end-of-life celebration.

What does a Guardian do when their Dependent’s life is over?

  1. Login to the site and go to the Account Settings to select the Dependent who has passed away.
  2. Follow the instructions to confirm that your Dependent’s life has indeed ended.
  3. As a safeguard, your Dependent will receive an email asking whether there’s been a mistake. If so, they can reverse it.
  4. Any other Guardians will also receive an email notifying them of the passing and indicating that you have been granted control of the account.
  5. Next, you share what your Dependent wanted with friends and family. You can also download and save it all in a carefully organized digital file.

What happens to all the data in ‘My Story’ after a Guardian concludes your Membership?

BeRemembered stores the data and content, but new content for that Member cannot be added. You can download it anytime you wish, though, now while you’re alive. Your Guardian can also download it anytime after your life ends.

How do Members customize their end-of-life celebrations?

Use the ‘My Last Goodbye’ section. It’s full of ideas, inspirations and helpful questionnaires to help you realize the ceremony you’ve imagined.

How does ‘My Biography’ work? Who writes it?

This service lets you tell your story in your words — two ways. Write straight from the heart. Or try the interview questions. They prompt memories and help you start telling the important parts of your story. You’re free to take your time and return regularly to add to or edit your life story.

What is ‘My Life in Pictures’?

This section is your online photo and video albums. You and your loved ones can browse them, plus reuse any photos or video for many other services here at BeRemembered.

What do Members do in ‘My Favorite Things’?

This section is where you declare and share your likes, passions, habits and quirks. Compile and list your favorite music, movies, foods, sports teams and more ... all that stuff that makes you absolutely and only you.

What’s the function of the ‘Words of Wisdom’ section?

This service lets you post quotations and ideas that have touched or inspired you over the years. Share wisdom passed on through the ages or from someone you know. Maybe even share a few of your own words about things you’ve learned.

What makes ‘Private Messages’ private?

This customized email service helps you share your deepest feelings with those you care about most. First, compose your private messages and decide who should receive them. We will deliver your messages upon your passing ONLY to the email addresses you choose. No one else (not even your Guardians) will have access to these private messages you create.

How does 'My Timeline' work?

This interactive visual tool lets you plot the highlights of your life. Create and chart your story, marking milestones and accomplishments. Add pictures, bits of your Biography, important dates in history and more. Then you can share your timeline with friends and family as part of how you want to BeRemembered.

Is ‘My Bucket List’ what it sounds like?

Yes! A ‘Bucket List’ is a record of all those personal goals you want to achieve before ‘kicking the bucket.’ Is it climbing a mountain? Visiting a parent’s birth country? Calling an old friend you haven’t talked to in years?

First list them here. Then share, track and check them off as you fulfill them. If you complete your goals, you can always create more.