Grieving the Loss of a Loved One -
Grieving the loss of a loved one

A profound sense of loss is felt at the death of a loved one, whether that death is sudden or expected. There is no set pattern to grief. Some people grieve for a short time while others may never fully recover from their loss. Some won't experience their grief until some time later. There is no one right way to grieve. As each of us is unique, so too is our grief.

It is during these times that the support of friends and family is so important. Having a visitation, funeral, or memorial service is an important part of the grieving process and brings people together who can give you a support network. If that is not enough, your local community, religious organizations, and many healthcare organizations offer grief counseling or grief support groups.

Although it may be difficult to reach out to these groups at first, many have found grief support groups to be a place where one can continue to grieve openly with others who share their pain. Don't forget about your funeral director. Many funeral homes also offer aftercare programs, which are programs to help you cope with the initial stages of the grieving process.

Your funeral director will also be able to refer you to local grief support organizations or counselors should you desire group or individual counseling. In addition to counseling programs, many funeral homes provide grief support packets with materials related to grief and the mourning process.

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