Pre-Need: The Basics of Pre-Planning Funerals -

Pre-planning a funeral is also known as "preneed" planning. Preneed refers to prearranging and pre-funding your own funeral. A preneed insurance policy covers the cost of the funeral at the time of death.

Every year, millions of North Americans arrange their funerals in advance. They explore their options for a ceremony, they discuss costs, and they set up a plan with the professionals in their community to ensure they'll have the funeral they choose.

Why pre-plan a funeral? Pre-need planning of a funeral helps to remove the burden of having to plan a funeral at the time of need, in other words, it makes it easier on the surviving loved ones to not have to plan a funeral when a person passes away.  When a person dies, the surviving loved ones are grieving.  Having the funeral pre-planned spares the family having to pick a funeral home and arrange the service when they are grieving. 

To find a funeral home that can discuss pre-need funeral planning, see the funeral services locator on this site.