Facts About Ash Scattering

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Some people do not want to be buried in a traditional cemetery, but would prefer their ashes be scattered in a favorite place.  

Laws concerning ash scattering differ in each state. If state law permits it, ashes or cremains (the ashes of a cremated body) may be scattered in lieu of preserving them in a columbarium, burying them in a grave, or keeping them at home. 

Some people leave specific instructions on where they want their ashes scattered in a river, a pond or lake or some private property. Some prefer their ashes be scatteredon a hillside behind their homes. A golfer wanted his ashes strewn on his favorite fairway in his country club; one lady specified a rose garden.

One man turned his ash scattering into an adventure for his family.  To celebrate his life, he wanted his family to scatter his ashes in his favorite places, many of those places from his "bucket list."  It may take years for the family to travel to all of the locations to scatter his ashes, but his family travels together to these favorite locations to celebrate his life. If your would like your ashes scattered in a special place, make it a part of your plan in the "My Last Goodbye" section of this site.  While you're at it, why not add a few additions to your "bucket list." 

If you have more specific questions about local laws or regulations, contact a funeral services professional. To find a funeral home, please see our funeral services locator tool.