What Happens to My Story When I Die?

mstrohofer@auroracasket.com -

The reason that you record and share your story at BeRemembered.com is so that it can live on for family, friends, and future generations.

Obviously, BeRemembered.com doesn’t know when you pass away, and you can’t tell BeRemembered.com that you’ve passed away. So your Guardians come back to BeRemembered.com, login to their own account, and they change your status to Deceased by going to their account settings and selecting “My Dependents.”

After choosing the appropriate Dependent, they can change the status and indicate that person has passed away.

After making that status change, the Guardian will then be able to access all of the information that member posted to the My Story and My Last Goodbye sections – even download the pictures and text for use at a funeral or memorial event.

Once the status is changed to “Deceased,” Guardians decide who and how they want to share your story with family, friends, and future generations.

OK, the question you might be thinking: “what happens if my Guardian says that I died before I actually do to unlock My Story?” Whenever a member’s status is changed to “Deceased,” he or she receives an email alert that the status has changed. In the event this happened, you can change your status back, resetting your Privacy Settings to your preferences before the change.

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